We offer a full range of computer programming services, and database integration including ASP, Visual Basic, Java, PHP, .NET, HTML, DHTML, VRML, and XML.

Over the years, we have developed solutions for our clients in the areas of Supply Chain Portals, Electronic Commerce Sites, Internet Application Development, Database Development, User Profiling, Security and Encryption, Online Marketing, Interactive Forms and numerous other techniques that allow our clients to benefit from the application of Internet technologies within their business strategy.

We spend time with each client learning about thier business and developing ideas about which technology will be a fit for their business process. We have extensive expereince integrating with business legacy systems and extending the functionality of existing systems to extend the life or usability of older systems.


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If you have read our history, you know we have been in business since 1989 and we have been focused on Internet Development since 1994. While we have developed an expertise over the years of helping our clients integrate their business systems online, there was always a missing piece to offering a complete solution....Internet Marketing.

We could help our clients build a killer site, but if no one visited the site it was a waste of time and money. Over the years we worked with other companies to help our clients with online marketing and the results were sporadic and often dissapointing.

Then we met the folks at DotComSecrets. They have been at this for over ten years. And, they are the first company we found who would actually share real live success stories!!

By partnering with DotComSecrets, we can now offer our clients a full solution to their online business needs. Not only can we help with the online business development, but we can also help incorporate effective online marketing that will drive traffic to our client's sites and provide a positive return on investment for the overall project.

Services include

  • SEO Services
  • LBLO Services
  • PPC
  • ORM
  • Web Design
  • Social Media

Lead Generation Website

We will create for you a customized website that will be engineered specifically to get your more leads/customers for your business. We can start from scratch, mimic a site that has caught your eye recently, and match your current colors, logos, and business culture. We will design the site, have you take a look and suggest any changes that you want, and then well take it live and start getting you more business!

The Lead Generation Site includes:

  • Current Turnaround time for first drafts is about 7-10 business days
  • Custom graphics & design
  • Follows our proven lead-gen layout
  • Includes 5 pages (home, blog, services, about us, contact us)
  • Includes a matching facebook fanpage

Backlinks Creation

This is the highest quality of off-page search engine optimization we have ever seen for this price. The purpose of this service is to get your website showing up as high as possible when your customers (and potential customers) are searching for your business on a search engine. Which package is best? Its all about speed; the larger the package, the quicker the results. SEO is a service that you will want to continue on a monthly basis to increase your rankings and maintain.

The Backlink Creation includes:

  • Each link is built within a ~150 word, unique, semantically relevant paragraph to establish on page relevancy.
  • The keyword is in the page title, bolded above the content, and as the anchor text of the link itself.
  • The links are on aged domains and blogs that are extremely well maintained.
  • The links are indexed quickly and have a very long shelf life.
  • The links are across different class c blocks, different hosts, and are extremely diversified.
Web Development Past Projects

Our firm employs a full time staff dedicated to creating new sites and revising existing sites for our clients. In any given year, we will be involved in creating 10-20 new sites for clients and helping to revamp 40-60 sites. These sites cover a broad spectrum of businesses, industries, organizational types and purposes, including informational / marketing, product distribution, customer service, online data collection, Internet-based training, e-commerce, integration with legacy systems, integration with accounting functions and much, much more.

Internet Based Training

We have worked with a local provider of Internet Based Training software,, for the past seven years. We have worked with them on numerous projects and have helped develop a substantial portion of the back end systems: from authenticating users, class registration, developing pre-tests, developing class materials, developing online exams, and recording/delivering coursework results to the student.

Online Legal Document Processing

Our firm developed a system that allows clients to upload images of legal documents to a web environment for processing and cataloging in a searchable database. The system consists an MS SQL Database Server, Windows 2000 Application Servers, Linux Application Servers, Windows 2000 Server File Servers and Windows 2000 Web Servers.

The processes running on the application server were developed in VB Script and compiled in VB. The Web functions were developed in ASP. The delivery Agent running on the client's computer was developed in Visual Basic.

SupplyBridge Commerce Portal

The SupplyBridge Portal allows distribution companies to link existing wholesale customers to their online catalog and view individual contract pricing, open orders, save order templates, submit new orders and check inventory availability. All functions are tied into the distributor back end accounting software. Our Agent Software delivers updates from the inventory and customer records of the accounting software to the website and downloads order information from the website and enters the information into the accounting software.

Our firm developed the SupplyBridge Commerce Portal as a joint venture with our sister company in Houston, Dataedge Integration Services. Dataedge has since closed its Houston operation. However, MC2 Studios, Inc. has continued to develop the product and continues to support existing customers and perform new installations from our facilities here in San Antonio. To date we have installed eighteen SupplyBridge Portals for clients in Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Colorado. We have integrated the product with multiple accounting software packages, including Touchstone, Enspire, Peachtree and Southware. We are currently working on an integration with MAS90/200.

VerificationStation Software

As an add-on to the SupplyBridge Commerce Portal, we developed the Verification Station Product. Distributors use VS to verify proper picking and packing of orders in a shipping warehouse. VerificationStation was developed in Visual Basic and runs on the Windows platform. The application is tied into a MS SQL Server backend and uses an Agent (Compiled VB) to send updated information to the SupplyBridge site and sync order processing information from multiple warehouses over the Internet.

EDI Modules

We have developed EDI modules for 850, 810, 856 and others that allow our clients to economically send and receive EDI documents to and from their trading partners. In most cases, these EDI modules can be integrated with your existing accounting software to offer a low cost method of being EDI complient.

How we Work

A lot of thought goes into each project to make it a success. Over the years we have developed methods which are, if followed, very likely to lead to a successful conclusion of the project. Following this process results in a well-designed system that can be integrated with your existing systems, provide for future growth and provide the highest possible return on investment to your organization.

As such, we have a few steps that we consider required for most projects that will involve custom development. The goal is not to be overly constraining or to stifle creativity. The goal is to use the process to extract the goal and vision from your brain, communicate that vision to people who can make it happen and create your vision in the real world in a manner that makes you say: "Wow!, you did it. That is exactly what I imagined."

I like to use the analogy of turning books into movies. Why is it that many people will say that they hated a movie that was based on one of their favorite books? We typically hear comments like: It was not at all like the book or those characters were all wrong. This occurs because the filmmakers created the movie based on their vision of the book. Everyone read the same book yet the interpretation of that single book can be very different for each reader. Creating a website or a custom piece of software is exactly the same process as creating a movie from a book. We are trying to get a "vision on paper" where everyone can see it. Only our job is much more difficult. We are not trying to create a website or a program based upon our vision, we are trying to create it based upon your vision! To do that, we have to figure out a way to get your vision out of your head so the rest of us can see it, touch it, and hear it. Our job is to make your vision real for the world.

The initial reaction for some people who are not familiar with this process or who have not worked on similar projects is to say: "Why do we need all this? Can't you just build it and then I'll tell you if it is right? All this up-front work seems to just increase the cost of the project." Well, it might look that way, but would you consider building a house without creating a set of plans first? Of course you wouldn't. Why? Because if you decide you want the kitchen on the east side of the house after the kitchen has already been built on the west side, it will be very expensive to move the kitchen! Much more expensive than if you had decided to put the kitchen on the east side during the planning stage.

Our experience has been that every dollar spent on the planning stage of a project is likely to save (conservatively) two to three dollars on development. If you don't believe us, then we will be glad to skip the planning phase of the project and work for you on an hourly basis - and we will happily move the kitchen as many times as you want us to. However, that would not be a good use of our time or your money. We believe in this so strongly that we are more likely to walk away from a potential project rather than agree to take it on if it does not allow for proper planning.

Click Here to download a PDF of a Sample "How We Work" estimate.

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