Over the years we have developed products that lend themselves well to online hosted solutions. We have created a family of hosted products in a variety of industries. These hosted solutions provide a rich feature set and full functionality at an affordable price.


The SupplyBridge Family of Products offers a full range of solutions for distributors, manufacturers and retailers of all sizes who want to sell products to their customers online.

SupplyBridge integrates with your existing business systems, extracting customer and product information and electronically importing orders in a secure manner.

SupplyBridge allows you to offer extended online services to you customers, build new business and, at the same time, build higher barriers to competition.

Best of all, whether your company needs the full wholesale and retail functionality of a commerce site or simply an online store, there is a SupplyBridge solution that can be configured to meet your current budget needs and grow with your business.

SupplyBridge Modules include:

  • Online Catalog
  • Shopping Cart
  • Contracted Pricing
  • Retail Pricing
  • Customer Accounts
  • Featured Items
  • Special Items
  • Category Manager
  • Content Editor
  • Gift Certificates
  • EDI Modules
  • Order Templates
  • and much, much, more...

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Professional Association Web Site - PAWS

The PAWS website provides a fully-functional web presence to meets the needs of any professional association. It provides both public information pages and members-only areas for administering the association's business. The SWPA website is an example of this platform in action.

SWPA Website Functionality

The public-facing pages and main content pages of the SWPA site are set up so that each page consists of two server-side files. One is an HTML file containing the body of the page content. The other is a PHP page which enforces permissions and performs other dynamic requirements before loading the HTML content inside the standard page template (the page header, navigation tool, and footer). This design provides a separation of each page's HTML content and the PHP code used to display that content which allows the HTML to be generated and maintained without needing knowledge of PHP coding.

The current content pages are shown on the site map and provide public users with information about the organization, conferences, and other SWPA and psychology related information. Additional resources are available after a member logs in.

Membership Functionality

The member functions include the ability for any user to submit a membership application. Several membership levels are available including Full Member, Associate Member, Graduate Student, Undergraduate Student, and Non-member. The Non-member status allows a person to be added to the system so they can be listed as an author on a conference abstract for an adjunct organization.

The membership application collects all relevant data for the new user. Once a profile is created, that user can log into the site to gain access to additional pages such as the ability to edit their profile or submit a conference abstract.

The membership application supports endorsements for Associate and Student membership levels. For these membership levels, the applicant must list a current full member as an endorser. The application process then sends and email to the endorser requesting confirmation. When the endorser logs in, they see the endorsement request on their member home page and have the opportunity to confirm the endorsement.

When a member logs in, their user home page displays relevant membership information such as the status of their dues payment, conference registration, endorsement requests, and conference abstract submissions.

The dues and registration functionality allows a logged-in user to pay membership dues, conference registration, or a bundle of both. The SWPA site uses the Skipjack merchant services to process online payments for dues and conference registration. Other merchant services could be integrated.

Member Abstract Submissions

The SWPA website includes an nine-step process for submitting abstracts to be considered for conference presentation. The steps include:

  • Organization selection (SWPA and other adjunct organizations can present at the conference)
  • Author list, including a fuzzy-matching process for insuring only dues-paid members are listed as authors
  • Faculty Advisor listing (if appropriate)
  • Abstract Title
  • Abstract Text (including word-count limit)
  • Additional summary information for symposia submissions
  • Topic selection
  • Request reviewer volunteers (for full members)
  • Review complete set of information before submission

In addition, full members who have volunteered to review submissions in specific topics areas are automatically sent email notices when they are assigned to review a paper. These users can then review the submission online and submit their review decision.

Abstract Submission Administration

Administrators have the ability to perform the following functions related to abstract submissions:

  • Create a new submission (short form for off-line submission)
  • Edit / Delete submissions
  • Assign submissions to reviewers and generate appropriate emails to reviewers
  • View reviewer reports
  • Assign accepted/rejected status and generate appropriate emails to authors

Conference Program Administration

Administrators have the ability to generate the conference program from the accepted submissions using the following online tools:

  • Room setup (defining rooms which will be used for presentations)
  • Session setup (defining time periods in rooms)
  • Assignment of presentations to sessions
  • Export of conference program in a format which can be easily imported into Microsoft Word for further refinement

Additional Administration

Administrators have additional functionality including:

  • Membership report with capability to search and sort based on several criteria
  • Member edit, including editing a member's profile data, viewing and modifying payment transactions, and deleting a member
  • Edit school list (when creating a profile, members can select their school/organization from a dropdown list or "Add New", which causes the new entry to automatically be added to the list in the future. This admin function allows superfluous or erroneous entries to be deleted)
  • Assign administrators (designating which members have administrative permissions)

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Over the years, we have developed some killer eCommerce Applications for clients. We thought, wouldn't it be great to incorporate some of those Cart and Catalog Solutions into a hosted solution that we could offer to small business for a no hassle price. So we developed QuickCart. It allows you to get an online catalog up and running quickly and easily. You can point your domain to it, install an SSL and even link with your merchant account.

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Hosted Solutions

Over the years, we have produce tools and sites that we are now in the process of converting to hosted solutions. These tools will be coming online over the next year are their development is refined.

Be sure and check back here as we will be posting additional sites as they go live in the coming weeks and months.

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