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MC2 Studios, Inc. is a Technology and Business Solutions company specializing in the practical application of technology in Business. Over the years we have developed expertise in computer programming, Internet-based training, multimedia development, web development, Internet application development, CAD development, computer animation and image processing. Today, we focus these skills to help improve and streamline our client's businesses, processes and operations.

MC2 was founded in May 1989. At that time, our small San Antonio based service bureau offered computer-aided drafting services and custom programming services to architects, engineers, contractors, and builders.

By 1995, we had expanded our services to include web page development and multimedia title development. While we have used the Internet internally for communication and research since the late 1980's, it wasn't until the World Wide Web gained commercial exposure in 1995 that we saw a service that could benefit our clients. This expansion led to a dramatic change in focus for our company.

In 1999, along with a marketing partner based in Houston, the partners of MC2 created a sister company to market the firm's growing Business-to-Business and Supply Chain Management Portals. Through this partnership, we have installed Internet-based commerce portals for companies across the United States.

In 2003, along with a partner in the business-consulting field, we began offering business and technology consulting under the name MC2 Universal.

We have grown steadily over the past seventeen years, from a small two-man firm to a full service multimedia production company employing eleven project managers, graphic designers and programmers. We have clients in New York, Toronto, Boston, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, California, Oklahoma, and of course, Texas.

We offer a full range of computer services, including Multimedia Production, Web Page Development, Custom Programming, 3D Model Building, Computer Animation, CAD Drafting, and Image Processing. Our staff is experienced in all phases of development and programming, including web site design and layout, server configuration, server administration, database integration, ASP, Visual Basic, Java, PHP, .NET, HTML, DHTML, VRML, XML, ActiveX, Flash, Shockwave, and many other advanced programming languages and software applications.

Over the years, we have developed solutions for our clients in the areas of Supply Chain Portals, Electronic Commerce Sites, Internet Application Development, Database Development, User Profiling, Security and Encryption, Online Marketing, Interactive Forms and numerous other techniques that allow our clients to benefit from the application of Internet technologies within their business strategy.

Our primary focus today is to develop Internet-based applications that can be integrated with our clients' existing business processes and create a positive return on their technology investment.

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